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Day 10 of the 20 Days of Me… We’re halfway through the series and I don’t know about you, but I’m getting kind of hungry. Let’s have a snack!

two bananas with speech bubble that says Mmm snacks! next to title: 20 Days of Me, Day 10
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Favorite Snacks

This is a tough one to answer. I like snacks. Lots of different kinds at different times of my life. So let’s do a little snack retrospective, shall we?

My Favorite Childhood Snacks

I don’t remember eating snacks much as a kid. I’m pretty sure that has to do with the generation I was raised in because my own kids eat snacks all day every day. And I do too now that I’m a grown-up who buys her own food.

I do remember getting animal crackers as a treat at the grocery store. I loved the fun circus box and I still think those are the best kind of animal crackers. The frosted ones come in second. And the puffy ones are okay but certainly don’t come with any childhood nostalgia.

box of barnum's animal crackers
animal crackers and nilla wafers
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Hard to go wrong with animal crackers!

Another cookie/snack treat… Nilla Wafers. Mmm. Also good in banana pudding.

Layers of wonder bread or American cheese… This one is pretty weird but I like to take a slice of white bread and fold it over and over and over again, mushing it flat until it is a tiny square. Then I would peel the layers off, one at a time. Why? I have no idea. But it definitely tasted good that way. I would sometimes do the same thing with American cheese, folding it over and over and over again but without the smashing part. Then just peel a layer at a time off to eat. Which reminds me – I also like string cheese. Apparently, I like to dissect my food before eating?

This next one is going to be controversial… It definitely is with my kids. Oscar Meyer Cheese Hot Dogs. Either cold – straight out of the pack – or microwaved. Occasionally dipped in a mix of ketchup and mustard if I’m taking my time to be gourmet. But no bun. Just straight hot dog. My kids HATE cheese hot dogs. I haven’t had a cheese hot dog in years! We’ll be empty nesters soon though so maybe it’s time to bring these back into my life. Nothing like a mid-afternoon or late-night hot dog snack to tide you over…

School Day Snacks

In high school, we had a twenty-minute mid-morning break each day which was the perfect time for a snack. I usually didn’t have much for breakfast (a spoonful of peanut butter as I rushed out the door to catch the bus most days) and was definitely hungry by mid-morning. Are you ready for the reveal of my snack-of-champions?

Dr. Pepper and Reese’s peanut butter cups or Snickers

That’s still a combo I enjoy today though not very often because oh my goodness, the sugar!

Current Favorite Snacks

  • Chips and salsa
  • Chips and hummus
  • Potato chips (If I’m out of my imported-from-my-last-visit-to-Grandma’s-house chips, then Ruffles)
  • Cheesy pretzel pieces
  • A few slices of deli turkey (just a handful of turkey, similar to my hot dog snacks above)
  • Cinnamon sugar pecans
  • Salami or summer sausage
Assortment of snacks
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A collection of my favorite snacks!

Bedtime Snacks

Yes, I know. You’re not supposed to eat before bed. But I do.

My favorite bedtime snack that I eat every night is some chips or cheesy pretzel pieces, a glass of milk, and chocolate. I miss this nightly snack when we are traveling out on our Big Trips.

two glasses of milk and bowl of cheesy pretzels
Bedtime snack… But where’s the chocolate?

Snack Wars!

A fun snack-themed IG post… It combines snacks with my love of miniatures.

All the questions!

20 Days of Me questions
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20 Days of Me – All the questions!

All the questions!  Want to catch up on any days you may have missed? Click here!

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