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One of my favorite scrapbook projects is Ali Edwards’ Day in the Life.  She chooses a few days each year to highlight through this project as well as sometimes a longer, more involved life capture called Week in the Life.  My first time participating in Day in the Life was 2007.  I even have that day documented in our family album from 2007.  Though I have participated several times over the years, not all of them have reached complete status.  That’s okay though because I have my photos and I have my notes (stored in my annual notebook) and someday I’ll get to it.  I’d love to put them all together in one single book just to see how life has changed over the years and how it has stayed the same.

The first Day in the Life for 2018 has been scheduled for Thursday, March 15.  Check out Ali’s website for a short video about the project and the reasons why you should participate as well as several links to ideas and samples from past Day in the Life days.

So get out there on Thursday – take pictures – maybe take a few notes – then check back here for a post all about my Day in the Life and even more encouragement to document your everyday life.

Edited to add: Read all about it!  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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