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Welcome to Wednesday.  A day that looks a lot like Monday and Tuesday.  But since we are doing this project called Week in the Life, we must include all the days of the week.  Yesterday felt light on pictures so I’m planning to have more today.  We’ll see if I can actually manage that once the day gets started.

And start we shall.

Ready to see what Day 3 of Week in the Life looked like for me?

Wednesday begins at 5:24 a.m. when the alarm goes off.  No, just kidding.  Wednesday begins at 5:34 a.m. when the alarm goes off again.  Apparently today was a snooze button day. I sure hope the couch downstairs isn’t wondering where I am and why I’m late.

So, 5:34 a.m. I roll out of bed. Crazy dreams last night? Check. Wishing it was the weekend already? Check.  But alas, it is not.  So off I go to start the coffee and refuse to get off the couch until 6:30. A lot like Doug’s refusal to walk one step further yesterday, I refuse to get up one minute sooner today.

7:08 a.m.  Lunches are packed. Ron and Felisa are gone to work and school. I double-check that Ryan is awake (morning AP test – can’t oversleep today!). Grab a quick shower and we’re off.

Our walk was more interesting than usual today. First we rescued a giant worm from the middle of the sidewalk. (Rocco refused to pose for a picture with the worm.) Then we saw a deer crossing the street. (The deer did not seem interested in posing for a picture with Rocco.) We met the mother of a former student out for a jog with their new dog. And Brady (the new neighbor’s husky) was outside so we said good morning on our way past.

worm deer kids walking
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Scenes from our morning walk

Back at home it’s time to feed the dog and tackle a couple quick chores. I top off the dishwasher and get it started. I water my garden. I… hmm… now I can’t remember what else I was thinking I need to do.  I thought of at least two things I should do and now I can’t remember a single one.  Short-term memory, I miss you.  Please come visit from time to time.

strawberry plants
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My new strawberry plants

Breakfast #1 is a gourmet poptart.  (Gourmet means on a plate rather than on a napkin as I run out the door.) My short-term memory must also like poptarts because as soon as I started eating I remembered one of the things I wanted to do before school.  Look up a recipe for cheeseburger pasta. (Felisa’s request when I asked her what I should make for dinner with the ground beef I bought yesterday.)

While I’m on the computer I decide to get a head start on typing this post.  Next thing I know, it’s 8:26 and I’m late for school!  Time for more Manic Monday lyrics…

“But I can’t be late
‘Cause then I guess I just won’t get paid”

Make it to school with my second breakfast and iced coffee, only a few minutes late.  First things first, get the Maypole set up on the playground.

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Bringing the Maypole from the classroom to the playground before school

Back inside get the classroom ready for the day. Today’s agenda – one worksheet, paint the flowers on the Mothers Day cards, and hopefully also have time to write the message inside before we go out to practice May Day. Unfortunately we did not get to the card message but the outside of the cards is done and the boy who was absent has finished painting his gift box.  I emptied my paint bowls because they had dried up since last use.  Now I have a pile of dishes to wash.  Dishes at home, dishes at school.  The fun just never ends.

painting card
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Painting again today. See all those empty paint bowls in the back? Guess who has to wash them…
legos and toy animals
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They have created a lego animal world. No dinosaurs allowed in the forest today.

May Day practice is a disaster today.  The boys are not listening and not following directions.  They keep going the wrong way in the circle.  Half of them are so busy waving the gnats out of their face that they quit listening completely.  One of them is in tears.  I am SO frustrated!  My blood pressure is through the roof and I’m ready to quit.  Every year I feel like they will never get it.  Every year I turn into a raving lunatic during practice. It absolutely brings out the worst in me.  I’m pretty sure, though, that this will definitely be the WORST Maypole dance in the 62-year history of the school.  (Even now, as I’m typing this several hours later, I can feel the stress washing over me.)

After school, I debate bringing the paint bowls home to wash.  Decide to quickly finish before I leave.  I won’t have any more time at home than I do here so might as well just do it.  Then carpool drop off followed by dog duty.  On the way across town to Doug’s house, I stop to pick up my daily Starbucks and today Chipotle wins. It will keep me full during soccer practice later so decide to go ahead and buy a burrito bowl. Back on the road I finally remember what else I was planning to do this morning. Start chicken adobo in the crockpot for dinner.  Guess we’re definitely having the cheeseburger pasta then.  Adobo can be tomorrow night.

Doug is rocking out to Motley Crue when I arrive, “Girls, girls, girls…” and he doesn’t want to get up.  After 10 minutes of pets, I entice him downstairs with a treat.  Once outside he is again reluctant to walk but I convince to keep moving.  Once he finally gets to the trail through the woods, he perks up and is practically running down the path.  I’m really hoping that I don’t end up getting lost in here.  His owner said that it leads to the bike trail.  It is definitely shady and cool so I see more walks here as the weather gets hotter.  Spoiler alert – we make it back home without getting lost.

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Scenes from Doug’s walk in the woods

It’s after 2 now and I still need to walk Rocco and make dinner before we leave for practice. Rocco decides to go out back for some sunbathing when I get home so I go ahead and eat half of my Chipotle bowl and check my email/Facebook while I’m waiting for him to come back in. Felisa comes home which brings Rocco in.  I make him wait a couple minutes while I deal with hotel room block emails.  Email done. Time for a short walk.

Back home, I hit the kitchen.  Cheeseburger pasta, coming right up. Bella has decided to walk home. Ryan rode the bus.  He said the AP Lit test went well and he even used one of his favorite books, The Count of Monte Cristo, in an essay.

3:53 p.m. Dinner is done and in the crockpot to stay warm. I quickly pack up my laptop, the rest of my Starbucks and Chipotle for sustenance, and the library books that are due today. Time to go!

nap one lane bridge
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Felisa often grabs a quick nap on the way to soccer practice. Also – can you believe there’s still a one-lane bridge in this major metropolitan area?!

It’s a nice day but the library books must be returned so after dropping Felisa at the field, I head for the library.  The library is busy today and I’m about to give up when I find a spot in the back corner. I spend about an hour typing more of this blogpost, taking notes from one of the books I have to return today (ran out of renewals), and texting with Allie.  Then back to the field to pick up my soccer star.

7:04 p.m. Arrive home.  Catch up on the latest with Ron (no, we haven’t heard about the team placement for next season, the birds in the carport have flown away, we need more grass seed to replace the seeds that the birds ate and fill in the new grass a little thicker) and plot our escape to the west where we can become hermits in the woods.  Felisa comes down after her shower and declares the cheeseburger pasta to be “good”.  I spend some time researching DC tour options for our conference, checking my email and Facebook, and ignoring Rocco’s walk request.

8:00 p.m. I have successfully wasted an hour.  Though is it really wasted?  I definitely needed some down time in my happy spot after this busy day.  It will be dark soon though and Rocco is asking nicely so off I go on another walk. Right after I start a load of laundry. And get a drink of water. And…

8:45 p.m. (or so – I don’t actually know how long we were walking for)  Lock the doors. Put away the leftovers from dinner. Get a snack and a glass of milk. Go downstairs to put the laundry in the dryer.  The washer has 4 minutes left in the cycle so I delegate the job to Bella who is in the basement watching TV and internet surfing on her phone.  When I get up to my room, I discover Felisa has hijacked my computer and my spot to take a science test.  Ack!  It’s almost 9:00!  I’m tired! Help!

Test complete.  Through the wonders of modern technology, she immediately knows her grade – 31/34 – and can go back to see which questions she missed.

Now it’s bedtime!  Except I forgot to take my allergy medicine.  Back down to the kitchen one. more. time.

Now it’s bedtime!  Claim my spot.  Finish typing this post.  Edit photos (now I’m regretting my earlier decision to include more pictures today). Schedule for posting in the morning.

Stick a fork in it – Wednesday is done!

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