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I love Etsy! It’s so fun to browse through, admiring all the amazing artisans’ work and I love knowing that my purchase is supporting an individual artist rather than just a large company.

I prefer to buy used books whenever I can but my second-favorite way to shop for books is at local bookshops. I love that allows me to support a particular bookshop or I can choose to let my purchase go into the pool to be divided among all the participating sellers.

Check out my custom booklists or just browse to your heart’s content…

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When I plan my road trips, I always want to see as many things as possible. I love that Roadtrippers lets me toggle destinations off/on or re-arrange them in the list as I attempt to find the perfect combination of stops versus sanity.

Use coupon code BTR5QTP to get $5 off your first year’s membership.

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