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I haven’t done one of these quick Return to Civility tips in awhile.  Today’s tip to make the world a better place – Take a walk!  I’d like to expand that to include interacting with people you meet along the way.

return to civilty take a walk and say hello
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Return to Civility Idea #129 – Take a walk around your neighborhood.

On one of my recent dog walks around the neighborhood we waved at the cyclist that we recognize and said hello to 2 other dog walkers plus the man working outside his house. Just a few days later I watched a TED talk clip that said social integration (interacting with the many people you see in a day) is one of the main factors in living a long life.

Here’s the TED talk-


It doesn’t end there though.  At Mass tonight, the homily was about being present and interacting with the people around us.  Put down your phone and be present in life.  Be available to the people in your world.


How about it folks- go outside and interact with the world, making it better one smile at a time!
Say Hello! via @behindeveryday
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