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Hello and welcome!

Just a quick note to share my vision for this blog.  As mentioned on my welcome page, I’ve always been fascinated by those little behind-the-scenes glimpses and tidbits of trivia about the world – how things work, where common phrases come from, what it’s like to work in a certain profession, the surprising part-time job my friend had in college, etc.  As a child I heard Paul Harvey on the radio in his “The Rest of the Story” features.  Today I listen to Mike Rowe’s podcast, “The Way I Heard It”, which reminds me a lot of Paul Harvey’s program.  A story about someone or something you probably already know of, but told in a way that reveals a secret history you probably didn’t know.  My other (actually the first) influence in getting this blog started is a three book series, the first book being This Day in the Life: Diaries From Women Across America, published in 2004.  It is a collection of essays, written by a variety of women, all telling about their day on June 29, 2004.  A snapshot in time.  A behind the scenes look at a day in the life of a stranger.  I find this fascinating!  I even wanted to have a day in the life as my domain name but alas, it was already taken.  However, I like the name Behind Every Day because it also encompasses some of the other trivia and how it works post ideas I have percolating.

In addition to the peeks at a day in the life of others and peeks behind the curtain of how things work, I also plan to document some of my travels.  My family has been road-tripping across the country every summer for the past 12 years.  One of my favorite things to do while riding as a passenger on road trips is to follow along on the road atlas (remember those?!) and find the little pink squares highlighting stops to make and places to visit.  No matter how many times we drive across the country, there is always more to see.  I want to see it ALL!

Last but not least, I aspire to do my part to make this world a better place.  Even if it’s something as simple as smiling at people you meet during the day.  Be the change you want to see in the world. (Which is apparently a quote from Ghandi.  See – even now I’m learning!) While trying to do my part, I’d also like to encourage others to also be the change.  Strength in numbers!

So there you have it – Behind Every Day – a day in the life meets how stuff works meets the rest of the story meets my life!

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