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A refrain heard often in schools every day.  No cuts in the line!  No frontsies, no backsies, and no saving places.  All school children are well aware of the rules but it sometimes seems as though grown-ups have forgotten.  Whether it is intentional bad behavior or just because we are becoming so self-absorbed that we fail to notice our surroundings, cutting in line is just one of many ways we are failing our civic duty to be a good neighbor.

The latest installment in my return to civility series…

don't cut in line return to civility
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Return to Civility – Don’t cut in line!


Use your manners people!  If you’re not sure where the line is, ask.  If you think someone else was probably there before you, ask.  If in doubt, assume the other guy was there first and fall into line behind them.  Not in a hurry?  Let someone else go first.  As they say, kindness is free and putting good karma out into the world is always a good idea.

What if someone cuts in front of you?

Good question.  You can say something to them (gently!) – perhaps it was a mistake.  But keep in mind that we are trying to make the world a better place so creating a huge confrontation is not the best response to the situation.  Lifehacker offers some points on people who cut in line but basically it boils down to – stay calm and be nice.  Life is too short to argue about someone cutting in line.  Conversely, put down your phone and pay attention to the world around you.  Don’t cut the line.

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