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Good morning Vietnam!

Yes, I know that has absolutely nothing to do with this post.  But it’s one of my favorite lines from the movie (and also I love Robin Williams’ work).  And sometimes when I say good morning, inside my head I’m really saying good morning, Vietnam exactly like he did.  Go ahead – try it out.

I don’t know.  I just feel like it gives the greeting a little something extra. (Legally Blonde, anyone?)

Alrighty then.  Enough playing around.  Time to get down to business.  Are you up to date on my week so far? Monday’s post can be found here.  And now…

Ready to see what Day 2 of Week in the Life looked like for me?

Alarm goes off at 5:45. (I “sleep in” on Tuesdays and Thursdays) Manic Monday lyrics are playing in my head again…

Six o’clock already
I was just in the middle of a dream

Unfortunately I was not kissing my honey by a crystal blue Italian stream.  Instead I was trapped in another one of my infinite crazy dreams.  I have recurring dream themes.  One category is the 9-1-1 dream where I am repeatedly trying to call 9-1-1 and cannot get through for a variety of reasons – mis-dial, no dial tone, keep dropping my phone, etc. Meanwhile the bad guys (or whatever is causing my distress) just continue to torture me.  I am not a fan of the 9-1-1 dream.  Luckily, this genre is the least common.  The most common genre is the endless journey.  This is the type of dream I was having last night (and the night before too and usually several nights per week). I am somewhere (always different) trying to do something or get somewhere else (also always different) and I am met by endless obstacles.  I have yet to ever reach my destination or complete my task before waking up in the morning.  I have this genre of dream all. the. time.  It’s exhausting.  Any dream experts out there want to analyze it for me?

But enough about my crazy dreams. You want to know about the normal part of my life, right?  Okay.  Tuesday morning is pretty much the same as Monday morning.  Start the coffee, veg on the couch, make lunches. Tuesday is our turn for the junior high carpool so Ron and Felisa are out the door around 7.

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Rocco is not a touchy-feely dog but sometimes he tolerates some love and pets.

Time for me to take a shower and get ready.  But first I get distracted by Facebook and then I only have 10 minutes left to get showered and dressed.  No problem!  I am clean and dressed enough to walk the dog by 7:25.  (I save time by mentally picking out my outfit while washing my hair).  If I have to be all the way ready to go (versus just ready enough to walk the dog around the block) then I would need 15 minutes.

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Mr. Itchy-Scratchy doing his morning carpet roll.

After our walk I read my book for a few minutes then it’s time to head to school.  I need to set the maypole up before the kids arrive so need to not be late. When I get to school I realize I wore the wrong shoes.  Oops!  That’s what happens when I’m rushing and not paying attention.  My school shoes are right next to my flip flops so easy to slip on the wrong ones.

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Reason #347 not to wear flip-flops to school – stubbing your toe on the cinderblock while setting up the Maypole.

We got the decorations added to the Mothers day gift boxes.  Mayday practice went reasonably well for the first day outside with ribbons.  It would have been better if I had remembered to bring my notes outside about who stands where.  Rookie mistake that cost us at least 5 minutes of trying to figure out where everyone is supposed to be to start the dance.

On the way to drop Lilah I realize that I forgot to take the pole down when we left the playground.  Mrs V had come out to talk to us and we were late going back inside for dismissal.  Decide that the quickest and easiest will be to go back to school before heading out on my dog duty rounds.

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My dogs!

Doug did NOT want to walk today.  Look at that face (dog on the far right).  That’s him telling me, “Across the street to pee and not one step farther.” We did so great last week. I was hoping for it to continue.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.  So instead of a walk, he gets some extra pets and love before I leave.

Stop at Giant on the way home.  I need chicken (on sale!) for dinner.  I haven’t eaten lunch yet and things are getting a bit desperate and I’m entering crisis mode. I bought a donut while shopping and as soon as I get to the car I inhale half of it.  Not sure I even chewed before swallowing.  Then a stop at Starbucks for a caramel frappucino.  I decide that the donut took the edge off and I can make it home to grab some leftovers rather than picking up a burrito bowl from Chipotle.  Yay me – I just saved myself $10!  (I was doing so much better with my lunch budget during the fall and winter.  I’m just so utterly exhausted these days that my motivation and effort are non-existent.  How many more days of school?!?!)

At home I put away the groceries then make some calls and emails for my other part-time job.  We’re planning a conference in October and I’m trying to get some rooms blocked at the hotel.  Once that’s done, it’s time to take Rocco out.  After our walk, I have 20 minutes to put my aching feet up before Bella’s piano lesson (reason #348 not to wear flip flops to school – not good for the feet and back when having to be on your feet for hours!)  I decide to skip the cross-stitch project today and keep reading instead.  I’m so close to finishing my book and it’s due tomorrow.

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My view at piano lessons. This big tree always has squirrels and birds.

Ryan texts me just before Bella comes out.  The reason he didn’t come home on the bus and didn’t text sooner was that he had an afternoon AP exam that just ended.  AP Physics.  When Bella comes, we drive over to the school to pick him (and Roiy) up.  Roiy had a very exciting first day of school.

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Roiy’s first day at school… He dissected a heart. On the way home he borrowed Lilah’s car seat.

Once home, it’s time to start dinner.  Goldfish Chicken (another family favorite).  As always, it takes awhile to get it prepped and in the oven.  Once in the oven I can keep reading until Melissa and Nick arrive.  Only two chapters left but it’s time to eat.

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Family dinner with bonus family!

After dinner everyone scrambles.  Melissa and Nick are going to a basketball game of one of their students.  Bella and I are going to Kana’s last softball game.  Ron and Felisa are headed to the girls’ varsity soccer game.  Ryan is staying home to wash dishes and rest his brain (another AP test tomorrow!). The weather is perfect for a night at the fields.  Unfortunately, we missed the softball game because it started early.  But good to see our friends anyway.

At 8 Ron texts that they are getting ready to leave.  They pick us up and we are headed home.  Once we get home, Rocco is ready for his bedtime walk and then I am really ready for bed.  Deadliest Catch is on while I type up this post and edit photos.  Hoping to finish the last two chapters of my book then it’s lights out for me!

Come back tomorrow to see how Wednesday goes.

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