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I’m pretty sure that the first thing I should NOT do on my new blog is to send people to a different site but I found this graphic to be mesmerizing and just had to share.  If you run it on slow or medium, you can really notice the detail of activities that people are moving through during the day.  If you run it on fast, you get more of the big picture of motion.  I just watched it again on fast and really enjoyed watching the leisure dots (each person is a dot) as they were transitioning in large batches to sleeping dots at the end of the day.  Bedtime!  (That’s one of my favorite times of day, by the way.)

Below is a screenshot capture of the moving graphic.  Trust me – it’s worth a quick look.  Click here (but don’t forget to come visit here again!).

screenshot_flowdata_dayinthelife shows clusters of dots with various labels such as home work sleeping
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