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Mmm… Big Macs! We all know the jingle, right?

“Two All Beef Patties, Special Sauce, Lettuce, Cheese, Pickles, Onions on a Sesame Seed Bun”

Just for fun, here’s a Big Mac commercial from 1974

I love Big Macs and was super excited to learn that there is a World’s Largest Big Mac statue – AND a Big Mac Museum – that I could visit.

Where is the Big Mac Museum?

The World’s Largest Big Mac is located in the play area of a McDonald’s restaurant in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. The restaurant is also the Big Mac Museum which is perfect because after you check out the displays and the awesome Big Mac statue, you can eat one for lunch!

exterior of a McDonalds restaurant on a cloudy day
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photo of Uniontown, PA the birth place of the big mac
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The museum was opened in 2007 by Mike Delligatti, the son of the Big Mac’s inventor, in honor of his father. In addition to the Big Mac statue, there is also a life-sized bronze bust of Jim Delligatti and several exhibits of memorabilia.

How big is the World’s Biggest Big Mac?

The World’s Largest Big Mac is a statue that stands 14 feet tall and 12 feet across.

14-foot high statue of a McDonalds Big Mac sandwich
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Now that’s a BIG Mac!

Who Invented the Big Mac?

The Big Mac sandwich was invented by Jim Delligatti, a McDonald’s franchisee. He was inspired by the double-patty burgers at Bob’s Big Boy and added the sandwich to the menu of his Uniontown, Pennsylvania restaurant in 1967. It took two years for McDonald’s executives to recognize the success of the burger and add it to the menu of Mcdonald’s restaurants nationwide. It quickly became the most famous item on the menu.

bust of Big Mac inventor Jim Delligatti in McDonalds dining room
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Lifesize bust of Big Mac inventor, Jim Delligatti

Who named the Big Mac?

In what I would call typical patriarchal business fashion, the McDonalds Corporation refused to acknowledge who actually named the Big Mac sandwich for nearly 17 years. Why? I would assume because it was a woman working as a secretary in the company. Obviously not important enough for her contribution to be acknowledged.

I am happy to report that Esther Glickstein Rose maintained a constant barrage of requests for proper recognition and finally on the 30th anniversary of the company received a plaque and public recognition. Reading the AP article about this story really had me rolling my eyes at the lack of respect given to Esther.

What were the other names being considered? Blue Ribbon Burger and Aristocrat.

Mrs. Rose definitely had the best idea.

(side note – according to Jim Delligatti’s family, he came up with the Big Mac name himself.)

display of McDonalds memorabilia
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Big Mac Secret Sauce Recipe Revealed!

The recipe is apparently still somewhat of a secret… the original video from McDonalds on that I found on YouTube while first writing this article has since been made private. Then I found an ABC News report featuring the same video but they won’t let me embed it – click here to watch on YouTube. In the meantime, let’s see if this Business Insider video will stick around for awhile…

None of the measurements are provided in the video however so I guess we’re still stuck with tracking down a copycat recipe online.

Okay, now I need a Big Mac!

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Big Mac statue with text "How big is the world's largest Big Mac?"
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Where else did we go on Big Trip 15?

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