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Yesterday was the last day of school.  To say I’m tired would be an understatement.  The school year is a marathon but the last month usually feels like a sprint.  As a mom, I’ve always been tired by the end of school and ready for a break.  As a teacher, multiply that by at least 100 (or a million!  Does that seem like too much of a hyberbole?)

mom tired plus teacher tired
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Last day of school. Mom tired + Teacher tired


Let’s add to the equation, shall we?  I am already tired.  I am leaving tomorrow for a month-long road trip.  It’s like someone moved the finish line.  I’m sprinting to the last day of school, giving it all my effort.  Then the reality of the road trip hits and I realize that I’m nowhere near the finish line but still have another 5K to go.  Except that I’m already exhausted from the marathon and the final sprint.  I’m pretty sure the sprint was uphill this year – we added a high school graduation to the mix of our usual end-of-year activities.


Haven’t learned my lesson

A few years ago we also left immediately after school ended for our annual Big Trip.  I was exhausted, much as I am now.  I told myself, “Never again!”.  It’s painful to finish the year and prepare then leave for a long trip immediately afterwards.  Is it like childbirth?  Did I forget the pain of leaving too soon and remember only the highlights of our annual road trip?

I’ll give myself a little slack on this.  I was fully aware of how ridiculous this plan is but did it anyway.  It’s entirely calendar driven this year.  Felisa has a soccer tournament in San Diego at the end of the month.  Ryan needs to attend a new student orientation session in Utah sometime this summer.  We want to go on our trip.  It only makes sense to combine it all into one.  It’s just bad luck that to do so means I have to leave 48 hours after the final bell.  Life’s tough all over, as they say.


So much to do

I’m sure I’ve referenced my “list” here before.  There are many things on the list at all times.  One item currently listed is to pre-write a few blog posts to cover the time I am traveling.  Guess what! It didn’t happen.  So instead I have this long excuse about why my blog will be a bit empty over the next month.  Hopefully I can post once or twice from the road but can’t promise anything.  Posting here requires internet access, time and energy.  After a long day on the road, energy suffers the most with time coming in second.  So, fingers crossed but no promises. At the very least, I’ll have lots of things to write about when I get back!

It is now T -28 hours until departure.  Time to walk the dog, feed the dog, drive the girl to a soccer game, return library books, deposit my tiny paycheck at the bank, buy milk, and figure out what’s for dinner. Oh and also finish the laundry (pretty sure it’s mostly done – Bella has been helping!) and pack.  Because tomorrow…


We ride off into the sunset!!!
road trip van
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Road trip! Time to hit the road and don’t stop until you see the ocean.
I’ve got to stop doing this! via @behindeveryday
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