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Bob Ross filming studio with easel, paintings, cameras, and black curtain backdrop
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Behind the Canvas: Visit the Studio Where Bob Ross Painted Happy Little Trees

When I researched for my first post about Bob Ross, I discovered that you can visit the studio where he filmed The Joy of Painting. The Bob Ross Experience is part of the Minnetrista Museum and Gardens in Muncie, Indiana. Minnetrista sits on the property where the Ball family – founders of the famous Ball…

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20 Days of Me Series

The 3 latest installments of the series-

two bananas with speech bubble that says Mmm snacks! next to title: 20 Days of Me, Day 10
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Me and My Life

Snack Time!

Day 10 of the 20 Days of Me… We’re halfway through the series and I don’t know about you, but I’m getting kind of hungry. Let’s have a snack! Favorite Snacks This is a tough one to answer. I like snacks. Lots of different kinds at different times of my life. So let’s do a…

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