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April 12th is Grilled Cheese Day.  Mmm…. grilled cheese!

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The Grilled Carbonara at GCDC Grilled Cheese Bar in Washington, DC

We scored a White House tour over Spring Break (click here for more details about our tour).   Our tour started at 11 so by the time we finished, everyone was hungry.  The kids checked their phones and found GCDC Grilled Cheese Bar a few blocks away so off we went.

A sign on the sidewalk beckoned us in…

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Follow the sign to grilled cheese deliciousness…

The menu listed such irresistable options as The Grilled Carbonara, The French Onion, and The Young American.  If none of the featured sandwiches or sandwich specials catch your eye, feel free to build your own.  Feeling healthy?  Grab a salad.  Feeling that you-only-live-once feeling?  Add on one of the loaded tots options.  I resisted the tots this time but will definitely order them if I go back.

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House Salad at GCDC

Simple yet delicious with options for everyone.

Like most small cafes in the city, there is not a ton of seating.  Luckily we beat at least part of the lunch rush.  There were a couple open tables when we arrived but the line was out the door as we left.  You could also opt for a carry-out order and eat at a nearby park.  Lafayette Park with a view of the White House is less than two blocks away!

As we chowed down, a television was playing the episode of Offbeat Eats that features GCDC.   Want to see what sort of awesomeness they’re serving at GCDC?  Watch the video-


How will you celebrate Grilled Cheese Day?  Or is everyday Grilled Cheese Day for you?  It is for Bella, my grilled cheese queen! (I keep telling her that she cannot live on bread, cheese, and water alone.  She disagrees.)

Do you have any special grilled cheese restaurants near you?  One small regional chain that we like to visit on road trips is tom+chee.  The one near Columbus closed (tragic!) but we found another one not too far off our route in Indianapolis.  Have you ever eaten at a tom+chee?  Have you ever heard of tom+chee?  We found it by accident because it was next to Starbucks (must have coffee on road trips!).  If you go, be sure to try the grilled cheese donut.


gcdc grilled cheese bar
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Enjoying the ambiance while we wait for our order

Mmm….  grilled cheese….


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  1. Wow this made my stomach growl. This looks so fantastic. It is amazing that you opted for the salad. I am not that strong. Cheese is a food group in my life.

    1. Hahaha! Don’t worry – I didn’t have the salad. That was my friend. My only regret was not ordering the loaded tots to go with my grilled cheese. 🙂

  2. Humans are supposed to be made up of 70% water, right? I am pretty sure I am 5% grilled cheese. I love grilled cheese sandwiches!!!

    Have you ever tried the Barefoot Contessa’s tomato soup recipe with grilled cheese croutons? IT’S SO GOOD!!!! (sorry…I shouldn’t shout)

    1. 5% grilled cheese?! That’s funny! I have not tried that recipe but grilled cheese croutons sound absolutely amazing.

      And really, grilled cheese is always worth shouting about in my opinion. 🙂

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