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Finally Friday! Yay!

The kitchen is a wreck. I put Ryan’s dessert in Bella’s lunchbox and forgot the jelly on Ryan’s sandwich.  Luckily (for Ryan) I caught both mistakes right away.  I’m really hoping the rest of the day won’t follow the same pattern.

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Ron has been slaving away to make the lawn nice again.
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Felisa is looking a bit tired this morning.
school bag
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Bringing some supplies to school today. I need more M&Ms for Mayday practice treats, rust-buster for the maypole, newspapers for painting

At school we were able to practice a couple times before we had to line up for the full-school run-through. It wasn’t great but the boys have made good progress from earlier this week.  (Maybe I won’t get fired after all. Ha!) We still have another week left of practice.  Hopefully the weather will hold out so we can get outside.

Our caterpillars arrived today so the ant farm is moving to my house. I didn’t have to drive Lilah today so I had time to work in my classroom after school. Unfortunately I was completely starving so didn’t do much before I had to leave in search of food.

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The caterpilars are here!

I went to Safeway to get hot dog buns for dinner, a Frappucino from Starbucks, and fill up with gas.

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Caramel frappucino to celebrate Friday
gas station
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Current gas prices

Home sweet home. Time to relax in my happy place and watch Hallmark movies.  Rocco goes out for some sun when I first get home then is content to nap for a little longer.  I’m waiting for Ron and Felisa to get home from school and work then leave for their soccer/beach house trip.  They leave later than originally planned and Rocco is getting impatient.

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Waiting, waiting, waiting for his walk
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Buffalo chicken calzone with blue cheese for lunch
trash can
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Look! One of my children is bringing in the empty trash can on her way in from school!
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Once we finally get out for a walk, Rocco decides it’s too hot so we keep it short.  I’m back to my Hallmark movies.  Such good luck – a Mother’s Day movie marathon when I have complete control of the remote!  I’m feeling guilty that I’m not doing anything else while I’m watching but it’s so nice to just relax and do nothing for awhile.  That’s what Friday afternoons are for, right?

When Bella gets home from Grandma Duffield’s house, Ryan grills the hot dogs and we have dinner. I drive her to the Guard sleepover. When I get home I have to finally get busy and do something productive while I’m watching TV.  I consider cross-stitching but it seems like too much work so I opt for addressing the graduation announcement envelopes.

8:30 p.m. Time for Rocco’s bedtime walk.  After our walk I get busy on this post.  I might be up past my bedtime tonight getting it done.


Friday (Week in the Life 2018 Day 5) via @behindeveryday
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