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It has been 10 months since I started writing here at Behind Every Day and I have published 65 posts since then.  As I near the end of the calendar year, my mind turns to year-in-review mode and I thought it might be fun to look back and see which 5 of the 65 were my favorites.  (Click the large titles to read the associated posts.)

Here they are in no particular order…


Fastest Things on Wings

I enjoyed learning all about what goes on in the life of a hummingbird rescue operation.  I don’t see many hummingbirds where I live currently but enjoyed seeing them at our house in California.  This post is a good summary of what I learned and includes helpful information for anyone who might come across a bird in need.

Photo by Andrea Reiman on Unsplash


Packhorse Librarians

I stumbled across a video about these amazing women and couldn’t believe I’d never heard of them before.  I love horses, books, and history so this story was perfect for me.  Luckily my library had a copy of the out-of-print book written about the program and I dove right in to learn everything I could about these remarkable women.  While researching this post I also learned about several other fascinating bookmobiles in operation and other heroic men and women such as Luis Soriano’s Biblioburro and Alia Muhammed Baker, the Librarian of Basra who saved thousands of books from a fire.

In any weather the pack horse librarians rode to deliver precious books.
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In any weather, from dawn until past dark, the dedicated librarians rode to deliver their precious cargo.
(Photo by Muye Ma on Unsplash)


Imagining Life on the Mayflower

I like to try to imagine what life might have been like for people in times past.  I teach about the pilgrims and the Mayflower in my class each year so I thought it might be fun to dig a little deeper into what it may have been like aboard the Mayflower and in the new world.  Definitely not sunshine and roses.  A few minutes of reflection can deepen your appreciation for the hardships they faced and how strong they were to stick it out.

Mayflower 2 in Plymouth Harbor
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The Mayflower 2 on a sunny October day in 2012.


Big Trip Lucky 13

A highlight of every year for me is our annual road trip.  I tried a new app this year to add video footage of our trip.  I always have pictures of our various stops but I thought the video would be a nice way to capture our drive and the changing scenery as we travel from one side of the country to the other and then back again. This post includes videos and highlights from our 29-day trip across 22 states.  Perfect for an armchair traveler or for someone who is looking to add some ideas to a future road trip of their own.  (If you’re looking for road trip planning tips, click here.)

cover photo big trip lucky 13 travel mascot map
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Big Trip Lucky 13


What’s in a name?

I keep looking back through my posts and can’t choose another favorite.  Kind of like my children, I love all my posts equally and for different reasons.  This post I wrote about my chosen name, Behind Every Day, sums up all the various things I love and why I started writing here.  There are just SO MANY COOL THINGS in the world and I want to learn about all of them.  And then I want to share these cool exciting things with all of you!  I hope you will continue to join me on this journey of discovery as we begin a new year.  There’s so much to learn and celebrate and life is always more fun with a friend along for the ride.

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Wonder-Explore-Discover-Appreciate   The world has so much to offer. I want to see it all!


Share the Love

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